Why Squirrels are on Your Home

Why Squirrels are on Your Home

Squirrels Are a fascinating breed of animal. Most people like to view them since they race around in the yard and trees, doing their organic things such as collecting food, playing, building nests, etc.. They are commonly seen raiding a bird feeder and many a person has had fun watching the creative ways these animals try to get into a bird feeders, even the ones with “squirrel guards” on them. I have personally observed squirrels¬†jumping from high up in a tree to attempt to land on the bird feeder in the center of the lawn, they then miss and go back up the tree and do it again til they succeed. These are the creatures most individuals enjoy. Squirrel, Nature, Outside, Close-Up

But There’s a side to These animals that lots of individuals, (maybe like yourself), do not understand, and that’s the territorial side. Squirrels guard their territory and mark it their own different way. Dogs, Cats, and other wild animals like moles, etc. indicate there territory by leaving pee in places. This is a way to mark their territory on your house or someone elses. Sometimes not a major spot, but just enough to demonstrate this is their area.

The If they didn’t chew on things which are difficult, their teeth would grow in a half circle and eventually be so long they couldn’t eat and they’d starve to death. Wood is a good hard substance and your house usually is full of it. This is just another reason they chew on homes, possibly yours.

There is a third reason they Chew on houses and this is the one I generally get called in for squirrel hands where I support. They want to get rid of squirrels in their loft.

I receive a phone that goes like this. Noises in my loft, I generally hear them early morning, then during the day at several times and then right about dark I hear a lot of sound and then it quiets down just a couple of hours after dark, do you understand what this kind of sound might be?”

I say, “Yes, that sounds Like squirrels, they usually spend their day out and about, sometimes visiting their den site (your attic) at different times, then return in through the night if their major predators such as hawks, owls, etc are commonly outside hunting. What I can do to you is come out and do a review for $XXX and ascertain exactly what the sound is and determine where they entered your home. At that point I can set up squirrel traps, generally over the hole and a few baited traps using a system which works nicely for me. When squirrels are caught and I want to create a trip back it’s $XXX for each trip back. I will at the time give you a quote for repairs in which the entrance point is to ensure this problem does not occur again. I will do a 62 point inspection and let you know if there are any other places that could be problem areas in the future and provide you my recommendations for repairs at that moment.”

The main Reason I get calls such as the one above is as as squirrels, raccoons, birds, etc. move around a house, they often times find places that either a bird such as a woodpecker drilled a hole or the builder possibly did not fully seal a dormer, soffit/fascia border, gutter line, etc.. That leaks air from your attic to the outside. These squirrels feel fuller air and begin to chew their way into the loft. Once inside they find that an attic is much like a glorified hollow tree, so much warmer, much safer, so that they take up residence and don’t pay you rent. You hear the sound, and wonder what is going on up there, and they’re naturally curious and will sometimes wonder what’s happening down there and chew a peak hole merely to look and then seal it up with insulating material that’s available. It generally does not mean they’re moving into the living room.

Squirrels may be controlled when they are chewing on Your home and gaining access in the attic. Fix the dilemma is to contact Raccoon Removal Boca a specialist in your area.

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